Cache Team


Stephanie Tait

Marketing Director

Works on marketing and communications strategy & e-business consulting. Background; ranging from small start-ups to multinationals in industries from software, medical, third sector, retail and technology. Loves simplifying things, working hard, helping clients get ahead, inventing new ways of doing things, solving problems, building teams & rewarding good work, singing and music.



Al Pirrie

Lead Software Designer and Technology Director

Architect of Cache Software platforms, oversees innovation and development. Background includes software development for medical pharmaceutical drug delivery, academic research, consumer healthcare products and information technology. Likes Inventing, solving problems and playing the bass guitar.



Ali Corfield

Account Director & Direct Marketing Specialist

Looks after our clients and develops direct marketing strategy. Has worked on some of the UK’s best known brands at leading London advertising agencies including banking and insurance, automotive, FMCG, retail, IT and Medical. Loves planning, getting to the heart of a brief, building good relationships, enthusiasm and teamwork & cooking.



James Pardey

Software Designer

Works in software Development and has over 20 years experience in research and development in business, academia medical software industry. His software is now used by cardiology, neurophysiology and obstetrics units in hospitals around the world. Loves finishing a project ahead of time, innovating and art.


Alix Champ

Production Assistant

Works in production management, oversees schedules and helps the team stay on track. Loves being organised and making sure everyone else is and singing her heart out.


Senior Designer


Mike Charlton

Senior Designer

Years of experience in the creative worlds of advertising, marketing, publishing and film, working for established agencies and production companies with exceptional clients from a variety of backgrounds. With many notable firsts and several industry awards, Mike loves creating beautiful and practical visual materials.


Sascha Von-Pander

Senior Designer

Great at branding, web and print design. During her professional career she worked for many years at a leading advertising agency (Ogilvy & Mather) and held a position as Art Director for a small and busy Design Agency in Hamburg. Loves being a part of the whole design process and finding balance between function innovative design.


George Tait


Works in online and telephone sales. Has worked in business development for over 40 years in small businesses and Corporate organisations. Loves meeting new people, building successful businesses and singing.


Elaine Stanson

Proof Reading/Copy Editing

Works with web and print copy editing and proofing. Has worked with all the major UK publishing companies including Oxford University Press. Loves finishing a job well.